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At Lawyer Dubai, we strive to achieve our clients’ short and long-term goals and mitigate their risks. We offer extensive legal advisory services, including legal advice and representation in the UAE, to address the unique needs of our clients. As a renowned law firm in Dubai, the commercial hub of the UAE, we establish a client relationship founded on integrity and rich experience. We give personal attention to all our clients, both corporate and individual, many of whom have been our clients since the inception of our business in Dubai. Our work for legal competence and knowledge ensures that our clients are able to address their legal problems reliably and reclaim faith and peace of mind. With over 20 years of experience in UAE law, we have added value to our clients’ businesses through cooperation and teamwork. The founder and CEO of Lawyer Dubai started practicing more than 20 years ago, the firm rose from its modest roots to its current status as one of the top ranked law firms in the UAE. With an inimitable entrepreneurial spirit underpinned by his substantive experience, Lawyer Dubai is committed to addressing the most complex legal cases of his clients. He has an impressive record of partnering with some of the most creative and successful companies in the UAE, from small enterprises with big ideas to large organizations with complex legal needs.

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With Lawyer Dubai and its highly experienced community of attorneys, you can be assured of top-notch guidance on all your legal issues. Over the years, our team of lawyers has been instrumental in securing good outcomes for clients in a number of cases, from major Supreme Court proceedings for corporations and entities to smaller court actions, such as debt recovery, negotiating favorable contractual conditions on behalf of the defendant, and more.

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